We are Amsa

One of Indian’s leading bespoke technical textile manufacturers with production and distribution facilities located in the heart of the Tamilnadu. As a leader in the domestic and international textile industry, our innovative mindset and visionary approach has blessed us with associations across the globe. We understand our customers’ and our planet's needs all the same. To do our best, we constantly execute strategies to produce high-quality yarns and, at the same time, reduce our carbon footprint. We're proud to produce a natural and beautiful array of hues, textures, blends and various other concoctions when it comes to yarn.


we make products that are natural and eco-friendly.


Value addition and detailing is the core part of our products.


100 % cotton

Why Choose Amsa?

We are experienced project managers operating in a fast moving, time-constrained world. Our team understands the pressures faced by today’s businesses and is accustomed to making decisions in minutes and hours rather than days, weeks and months.

Those who visit us are often surprised to find an organisation that is so diversified in its activities and so different from traditional textile operations.

Our premises are ultra-modern and with design, production, inspection and testing all under one roof, our strengths include strong communication, efficiency and fast decision-making. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and assess every customer’s requirements individually.

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