Design Process

Design Understanding your application and how you wish your technical fabric to perform is fundamental to its development. Members of our team can visit your business to gain a full insight into how the fabric is to be used.

Amsa staff enjoy the opportunity to discuss the role of performance materials in industry and we make no charge for our time or visits. Our team is super friendly and looks forward to talking with you whether you know nothing or everything about technical textiles.

Fabric Construction

Amsa fabrics are created using warp-knit techniques. Design stage planning is translated into materials with exacting attributes by precision engineering.

Additional characteristics can be added through careful choice of yarns. Aramids, for example, bring cut and heat resistance; cellulosic yarns endow healing powers through exceptional moisture management.

Frequently, we are required to work with polyester – the world’s most cost-effective yarn. Our warp-knit fabric know-how builds load-bearing stretch and burst resistance way beyond that of the yarn alone.



Dyeing and Finishing

Options for finishes on our fabrics include antimicrobial, flame retardant, ultra-violet stabilised, liquid repellence, infra-red reflective and anti-static to name but a few.

One-to-one direct inspection by qualified weaving technicians during fabric production is followed by further checks both before and after the dyeing and finishing process. Statistical batch testing through to 100% compliance checks are set by our in-house quality assurance team.

Record keeping and traceability is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.


We are large enough to service the needs of multinationals, but Amsa remains an independent, owner-managed organisation that prioritises personal service for all its customers.

Straightforward friendly dealings are our aim, an important part of which involves working with customers to plan total demand coverage and combined stockholdings.

Our strength is in our people and our systems are based around them. You will receive regular contact to discuss your ongoing business needs and production plans. A highly flexible, hands-on approach is our distinctive style and differentiates us from others.